Bold businesses thrive.

They sprint down their own paths. Standing out, 
not blanding in. But, bold isn’t look-at-me 
courageous or daring or brave. Bold is smart.
Bold is strength. Bold is clarity.

We help you embrace, channel and communicate your brand’s authentic, inner bold – through creative thinking and impactful design.

We’re Shaped By. An independent creative agency for the B2B world.

The latest...

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Rubrik invited us to help bring their latest thought leadership content to life - bringing together a united front from their peers and competitors.

Noname Security: A brand revitalisation for the first API security unicorn

The B2B tech world moves quickly, but the growth for Noname Security is jaw-dropping 
- see how we helped shape their evolution

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2 days, 10 sessions and 20 expert speakers. View all the content from our two-day virtual summit for B2B creative, brand and marketing enthusiasts.

The Changemakers
Podcast series

We interview leading B2B marketers and creatives from the tech world to find out the role that creativity plays in helping them market their business.