Supercharged creativity
for changemaker brands

Everything we do is shaped by our belief that there’s an undeniable, unbreakable connection between the degree of creativity applied to a business challenge and the quality of its outcome.

Actually, it’s more than a belief. It’s a fact: Creativity delivers results.

Creativity – generating ideas with value – is what we do. And our creativity is influenced by everything and everyone around us. We are creativity that’s Shaped By – and for – real people.


We partner with changemaker brands. Businesses on a mission to improve people’s lives. Making things better, simpler or more convenient. Offering more choice. A quicker way to do X, a more enjoyable way to do Y.

And yes, a lot of the brands we work with are ‘in’ tech. But it’s what they’re doing with the tech that gets us going. How they’re harnessing it and using it to make a real, positive difference to our everyday lives. That’s changemaking. And that’s the story we help them to tell.


We help these brands demonstrate how their product or service helps people. The difference it makes to you and your family. To your work, your team, your company, your industry. Even the Big One: how it helps the world we all live in.

So, we show how useful it is. How it’s relevant. Why it’s needed. Because that’s how you connect with your audience. By showing how you fit into their world – in a relatable, emotive, human way.

Nick Farrar
Steve Goss
Dave Corlett
Business Director
Alex Waite
Marketing Director
Wei Kee
Client Services Director
Tom Ovens
Creative Director
Leighanne Burgess
Studio Finance Manager
Jaz Freeman
Marketing Executive
Darren Thomas
Moving Image Designer
Simon Tandy
Will Roach
Tom Sydenham
Saskia Packer
Jenny Parker
Account Manager
Adam Widdowson
Account Manager

Shaped By have been true partners to me, I cannot recommend them highly enough, at the core of the agency is innovation, creativity and to always go above and beyond for their customers.

Qabil Shah, Nutanix

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