Hey! We're Shaped By, a creative agency.

We’ve been on the Autodesk supplier portal since 2021, working with a couple of your AEC product and thought leadership teams on creative content and campaigns.

Your new CMO Dara Treseder has injected a heavy dose of creative spark into Autodesk since her arrival. We’d love to help you ignite that spark within the content and campaigns that your team is producing this year.

To get you inspired, I thought I’d share some of our recent work for our other clients. Hopefully it’ll act as a glimpse of what we could achieve together…


Engaging the C-Suite: Nutanix CXO Focus


To land bigger deals, Nutanix needed to increase brand awareness amongst enterprise C-level executives. So their global marketing team had the idea of creating a high-level program of exclusive content and events called CXO Focus.

Their challenge to us was to develop a look and feel for the program that would resonate with busy C-suite executives.


A consistent, flexible and ownable brand identity and visual language for CXO Focus that drove it to spectacular results.


Visual storytelling:
Rubrik Zero Labs


Having pivoted from data backup and recovery specialists to cybersecurity, Rubrik needed to prove their commitment to security leaders. So they commissioned a survey report called The State of Data Security.

But cybersecurity is a crowded space. So they needed a way to make the report and its content stand out, and compel people to engage with it.


A cybersecurity report unlike any other. An impactful digital experience that’s easy to digest and engage with, and which tells the story of the current state of data security in a human, relatable and visual way.


Industry-specific content: Khoros


Khoros’ customer engagement technology allows companies to communicate with their customers across multiple channels.

As part of their industry marketing strategy, they needed a way of showing their platform in action within key verticals.


The power of the Khoros platform lies in its ability to connect with customers in a seamless and personalised way.

To showcase this, we created two films in which fictional beauty and travel companies engaged with a customer to solve their issues, with happy endings all round.

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