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Catch up on all eleven inspiring sessions from BYOB 2023 to help you embrace your bold – with experts talking about brand in B2B, creative leadership, innovation, content designing and AI.

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Expert sessions

Welcome to BYOB

Shaped By Founder, Nick, welcomes delegates and sets the scene for two days of debate and discussion at BYOB. The ethos behind the event, what creativity in b2b means to him what the future holds in store. He acknowledges the team, speakers and supporters who’ve worked so hard to make the event a success.

Nick Farrar Founder, Shaped By

Building a multibillion-dollar brand from scratch

When it comes down to it, people don’t buy based on logic. They buy based on emotion — and an effective brand taps into that emotion.

Doing just that has helped Axonius grow from an unknown cybersecurity company to a $2.6B brand in just five years.

In this session, Kaite Rosa, Senior Director of Brand at Axonius, shares the inspirational story of the successes, failures and lessons learnt by her and her team throughout this remarkable journey.

Kaite Rosa Senior Director of Brand, Axonius

Innovation in action: How creative teams can turn change into opportunity

AI has been deeply integrated in the Salesforce culture for quite some time. Enter 2023 – everyone is selling AI. To remain the market leader, Salesforce had to not just sell AI but be THE AI company to its core – completely rebuilding the way the company works and acts.

A veteran member of the creative team, Jessica Bognar has been on the ground level through all stages of Salesforce’s AI reinvention. Find out how she and her team have not only shepherded one of the world’s most innovative companies through such major change – but harnessed it to drive even more creative innovation.

Jessica Bognar
Creative Director – Brand, Salesforce

Crafting tomorrow: Fusing art, design and AI

How is generative AI changing the design process? And what does this mean for the future of brand communications and experiences?

As a part of Microsoft’s design team, Nando Costa sits right at the intersection of traditional 2D UX, three-dimensional and immersive experiences, and generative AI technology.

Join us on a deep dive into Nando’s personal journey and perspective on AI, and find out what it means for you – wherever you are on your own AI voyage of discovery.

Nando Costa Designer, Microsoft

Pushing beyond expectations of a B2B brand

Figma has always broken new ground from a product perspective. But equally impressive is the way its brand has matched that commitment to innovation by constantly redefining what a B2B brand “should” look and feel like.

Join this in-depth discussion with Damien Correll, Figma’s Creative Director, on how he and his team approach the challenge of consistently pushing boundaries and defying expectations – and why doing so is becoming increasingly important across the B2B world.

Damien Correll Creative Director, Figma

The business of brand: Driving success through collaboration

When it comes to the most admired and visually appealing brands in B2B, Zendesk is always part of the conversation. But visual appeal isn’t ultimately what appeals to shareholders. They want growth, and they want it quickly.

Growth comes with understanding customers needs and marrying this to business collaboration. And the collaboration between marketing and creative is key to this success. Join Erin Pinkley, VP Creative, and Prelini Udayan-Chiechi, SVP Global Marketing, Demand & Growth to learn how customers, employees and partners have come to love this iconic brand – all while business growth was never lost in the process.

Erin Pinkley
VP Creative, Zendesk
Prelini Udayan-Chiechi
SVP Global Marketing, Demand & Growth, Zendesk

Motion design in the ‘age of attention’ economy

These days, pretty much all our interactions with brands occur through ultra HD screens, on platforms and channels that are built for motion.

B2B is waking up to this reality. And driven by experts like Aaron Poe, brands like Zapier – where he heads up the company’s brand studio – are springing to life through bold, original and beautifully crafted motion design.

So what steps can you take to create a brand system that’s alive with world-class motion, everywhere it lives? Aaron is here to tell you.

Aaron Poe
Head of Creative, Zapier

Panel sessions

Difference makes the difference: Standing out by finding your bold

There’s a clear business case for crafting a brand that stands out. But in practice, it’s far easier said than done. How do you find your difference, and build it out into a uniquely bold brand that instantly resonates with your colleagues, partners, customers and prospects?

In this session, our panel of experts will unpick what really matters on the journey to brand differentiation, and share their experiences of finding their brand’s true bold.

Melissa Rosenthal Chief Creative Officer, ClickUp
Ari Yablok Head of Brand, Island
Ling Koay Chief Brand Officer, Oneflow
Buck Choate VP Brand, Lacework

What makes an effective creative leader?

What does it take to be a truly effective in-house creative leader? And do you even need to be in a leadership position to be one?

Our panel of experts will share their thoughts and tips – from who to hire and when, to the challenge of communicating the value of creativity across your business. 

Not to be missed for anyone looking for inspiration about how to lead with purpose and passion.

Jessica Rosenberg Director of Brand Design, ONE
Rachel Gogel Independent Design Executive
Matt Price Senior Director, Creative, TravelPerk

Case study sessions

How Rubrik differentiates its thought leadership through design

Exceptional research alone isn’t enough; it must be delivered in a way that’s impactful and accessible.

That’s how Rubrik’s CEO led the charge using design as a point of difference for ‘Rubrik Zero Labs’, its thought leadership series. And it paid off, driving higher engagement, more enquiries, a sales team that actively uses it, analyst meetings, industry recognition and ultimately more bang for their buck.

Join us to uncover our approach to thought leadership reports that buck the trend.

Ben Long Creative Director, Rubrik
Steve Stone Head of Zero Labs, Rubrik
Wei Kee Client Services Director, Shaped By
Tom Ovens Creative Director, Shaped By

How (and why) a fast-growing unicorn revitalized their brand

The best brands continuously evolve. But this is easier said than done if you’re a brand leader in the tech world. Categories are being created, and companies are moving at break-neck speed going from start-up to a billion-dollar valuation in a couple of years.

So if your brand falls behind and isn’t an authentic reflection of your business or the stage you’re at – what do you do? How do you get buy-in from the Board? Find out how to nail the process in this session.

Mike O’Malley CMO, Noname Security
Wei Kee Client Services Director, Shaped By
Tom Ovens Creative Director, Shaped By

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