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We think our creative spark and cybersecurity experience can make us valuable partners to Arctic Wolf – and help you get in the best possible shape for that eventual IPO.

“Ok,” I hear you say, “but we’re a global business with many challenges. What can these guys help us with?”

Well, we’ve done a little research into three of your current challenges, and explored how we could tackle them with you…


Standing out from
the crowd


Earlier this year, Forbes journalist Will Townsend paid a visit to your San Antonio office. On his return, he said in his glowing article that “I believe that Arctic Wolf’s key differentiation in the very crowded cybersecurity market is the way it takes ownership of its customers’ cybersecurity journey. This approach starkly contrasts other security solutions that merely lob alerts over a cyber fence.”

He’s right. Standing out in such a crowded market is tough, but you’re doing it from a product and solution perspective.

But there’s also a huge opportunity to differentiate your brand too…


Subtle yet fresh ideas to shift the Arctic Wolf brand identity into new territory. Not rebranding (far from it) but using the essence of what currently makes it so special to inspire new ways of visual storytelling.


Getting Arctic Wolf


Back in January last year, your CEO Nick Schneider told SDxCentral that he plans to take Arctic Wolf public “when the market is right and when the company’s right”.

Of course, the market hasn’t been right for a while. But with conditions steadily improving, you need to stay at the top of your game this year.

So wouldn’t it help to collaborate with folks who’ve been there, done that and got the awards?


Back in 2016, we were brought in by Nutanix to level up their creative game ahead of their imminent IPO. It went swimmingly, and seven years later, we’re still winning together as best of friends.


Accelerating your
EMEA growth


As a UK-based agency, it was great to read about the opening of your new EMEA headquarters here in the UK last September.

Choosing Newcastle as your base was a bold but inspired move. It’s a city full of passion and talent. And six months in, it sounds like your European adventure is going great guns.

So great, in fact, that perhaps some local creative support might not be the worst idea in the world?


We’re a UK-based agency with a global mindset. So although most of our clients are global marketers and creatives at US and European tech firms, we also often work with their EMEA teams when they prefer a partner closer to home.

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