The Changemakers: Why marketing is mission critical to B2B tech firms: Ashley Stepien, Ramp

The Changemakers: Why marketing is mission critical to B2B tech firms: Ashley Stepien, Ramp

Ashley is Vice President of Marketing at Ramp. She started in sales which developed her superpower of creating a special link between the marketing and sales teams!

She’s worked at some fantastic tech companies like Marketo, Oracle, Wipro and Pendo giving her insight into marketing operations and software before joining Ramp. 

Ramp is disrupting a tired space by building the world’s first finance automation platform designed to save businesses time and money.

This conversation was inspired by a LinkedIn post from Ashley. It captured the essence of why it is such a good time to be a tech marketer. We delve into detail on her points and chat about so much more.

Listen as we discuss:

  • Why marketing is mission-critical in B2B tech companies
  • How marketing can inform the strategy of the company
  • The power of a creative organisation 
  • Encouraging her team to drive MarTech exploration and adoption
  • Why embracing the ‘weird’ can work wonders

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Transcript of the key takeaways

How did marketing become critical within B2B tech firms?

Ashley: So guess who owns 80% of the buying cycle? Marketing. Whether that’s brand awareness, whether that’s thought leadership, whether it’s creating a community for them to engage with, just educating them about the product. We have a responsibility to get them to that 80% point before they’re ready to talk to sales. So we are more of the sales cycle than anybody else at this point in time, which is why marketing is so mission critical. You have to be doing it right. You have to understand the lifecycle. You have to understand how people want to engage with you, what they want to consume from you, at which stage of the lifecycle so that we can hand over deals, not leads.

On the marketers expanding role within a company

Ashley: I also think that marketers are now playing a more strategic role in the discussion. I think marketers probably understand the market better than almost anyone else in the company and if they don’t, they should. You have a bad marketing leader if they don’t understand the market. So I really look at the marketing job’s role now is to be informing product, be informing sales, be informing the CEP on trends and the things that we’re picking up on in the marketplace to inform the strategy of the company.

Do you find it easier or harder at start-up level to be more bold in your marketing?

Ashley: Honestly, I think it’s the only gift we have in terms of being in a start-up is the liberty to be super creative and sort of the requirement to be really creative. It’s really noisy out there right now and so it’s about making sure your brand is cutting through that noise and showing up in a bold and memorable way.

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