The Changemakers

We speak to the people embracing new ways of thinking, working and applying creativity to bring about positive change.

We talk to Dmitry Shamis, Global Head of Creative at HubSpot about setting your brand apart with emotion and storytelling, finding the balance between substance and flash and much more…

We talk to Frida Ahrenby, CMO at GetAccept, about creating insightful customer personas, personal brands, category creation, effective B2B SaaS leadership and much more…

Find out how to move beyond the IT department and engage new B2B tech buyers and decision makers. Initially broadcast Thurs 2nd December, available to watch on demand.

Ashley Stepien, Vice President of Marketing at Ramp, discusses why marketing is mission-critical in B2B tech companies, and how embracing the ‘weird’ can work wonders.

Shaped By co-founder Nick Farrar talks to an expert panel of B2B tech marketing leaders about whether we’re in a new era of creative bravery and advice to unleash creativity in your team.

Nancy chats to Dave Corlett about what it takes to build a hugely successful ABM operation at a global SaaS company – and why she feels ABM is the most creative element of modern marketing.

Mat joins us to discuss creativity in cybersecurity, and how hackers actually inspire his team to push the boundaries of innovation.

Jess discusses how creative thinking helps them to turn challenges into opportunities.

Barbara shares how customer-centric creativity has helped them support the travel industry in its hour of need.

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