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We’re Shaped By, a creative agency.

You’ve clearly got big ambitions at Benchling. You’re in the Forbes Cloud 100. The R&D market is still ripe for digitization. And there’s still talk of an IPO, when the time is right.

But do you have the necessary creative support in place to help you take things to the next level?

As a marketing leader who’s used to a huge internal creative team at Salesforce, juggling balls to build Benchling’s brand and drive pipeline is always a tall order. Let alone when you’ve just lost a number of treasured colleagues to cuts.

Here are three reasons why, as high-growth cloud tech specialists, we could be the perfect partners to pitch in and help out…


Experience of
your world


There are thousands of agencies. But we’re not all created equal.

You really need a partner that understands the scale-up/late stage landscape, and the challenges that high-growth private tech firms face. And that partner also needs to have a proven track record of delivering high-quality creative work for companies in that realm.


Look no further. As well as a current client base including your fellow Cloud 100 members Rubrik and Lacework, we’ve also worked with the likes of Nutanix both pre and post-IPO.

And as you can see, we continue to produce award-winning work for them to this day.


at pace


At a fast-growing and fast-moving company, you need things done at speed.

So you need confidence that your agency can quickly become an extension of your team, swiftly getting up to speed and understanding your business, your audience and your goals.


Because our team of creatives work in your world day in and day out, we understand technology and how to communicate it effectively.

We take weeks not months to get our heads around industry language, products and solutions. And, crucially, we know how to combine your team’s knowledge with our creative spark to bring it all to life.

As you’ll see from this example, it makes for a truly collaborative partnership.


creative expertise


It’s not just about the experience, or getting up to speed quickly.

Putting your faith in us is fundamentally about making you stand out in a crowded world, dominating your market and ultimately achieving your business goals.


Exceptional creative thinking and design. Simple as that.

Finding new and exciting ways to creatively engage your audience, and tell your brand and product stories in ways that your competitors couldn’t possibly dream of.

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