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We think our creative spark and enterprise tech experience can make us valuable partners to Automation Anywhere – and help realise your CEO Mihir Shukla’s ambition to take the company public.

“Ok,” I hear you say, “but we’re a global business with many challenges. What can these guys help us with?”

Well, we’ve taken a dive into three pressing challenges that Mihir has outlined recently, and explored how we could tackle them with you…


Increasing C-level support for automation


In a recent Forbes article, Mihir lamented that “lack of executive support and vision was cited as the second most significant challenge that leaders faced in achieving automation goals in the past year.”

It’s clear that the journey to embracing and embedding automation begins at the very top.

So your challenge isn’t just to arm leaders with the latest insights around the benefits of automation. You need to embed them into a powerful narrative that turns those insights into a compelling argument for change.


Creative and visual storytelling that turns your thought leadership insights into rich, engaging experiences for senior leaders.


Getting Automation Anywhere IPO-ready


In an interview with PwC last month, Mihir stated that “when the time is right, we will likely go public”.

Of course, the time hasn’t been right for a while. But with conditions steadily improving, you need to stay at the top of your game this year.

So wouldn’t it help to collaborate with folks who’ve been there, done it and got the awards?


Back in 2016, we were brought in by Nutanix to level up their creative game ahead of their imminent IPO. It went swimmingly, and seven years later, we’re still winning together as best of friends.


Vertical-specific content and campaigns


During Davos 2023, Mihir wrote a piece for the World Economic Forum in which he highlighted how digital bots are helping to automate time-consuming processes for companies in the healthcare, telecoms and charity sectors.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a more creative and engaging way to demonstrate Allie and Betty in action?

One that also emphasises the joy they bring to the people who no longer have to do their tasks?


Video content that tells the happy human story of your technology and its benefits. In a way that’s creative, cost-effective and scalable across different industries and verticals.

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