A Survey on


Disruption &

Innovation in

Tech marketing

200 senior tech marketers from the UK and US share their views on creativity, risk taking, and what’s changed in the last year.


Welcome to Perspective 2022:

our second annual survey on creativity, disruption, and innovation in tech marketing.

It’s based on views from 200 senior tech marketers on both sides of the Atlantic – and we’re grateful to have expert commentary from some serious players in the sector.

While the world struggled towards new ways of working, tech marketers kept an unrelenting pace. The findings tell a story of new approaches, rapid change – and how creative risk-taking can yield dramatic results.

Obviously, we’re strong advocates of creativity in tech marketing. That involves much more than visual design. It’s about using your imagination to create something new.

Applying inventiveness can make your marketing more compelling, emotive, and engaging so you can communicate more effectively to your audience. It’s great to see these thoughts reflected by our report here – though there are challenges ahead too.

A big “thank you” to everyone for taking part – particularly our panel of experts. We hope you enjoy the report and we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Nick FarRar

Co-Founder - Shaped By