Whatever result you’re after, online and TV advertising reign supreme. But beyond those, tech marketers are getting creative with a whole bunch of new channels.

Question 01

What channels and tactics during the last 12 months have driven success in the following five categories:

  • Building brand awareness:

  • Driving demand:

  • Generating leads:

  • Elevating to C-suite:

  • Being creative:

Expert Perspective:

How can you be creative with your channel selection?

Katie Colbourne

Senior Manager, Global Demand Generation, Basware

I always recommend holding back some of your media planning budget, so you can be agile when needed and  test new channels or persona segments. The key thing is to let results build up for three to four weeks, then make a judgement – to see what is working or to keep testing and learning.

It can be about finding new channels, or using existing channels in different ways. For example, during the pandemic, LinkedIn usage multiplied three or four times; cost of acquisition went up, and clickthrough rates went down. So testing different ways to use that channel became paramount – like enabling employees with materials and social training.

Or consider other partnerships – like close-knit work with smaller networks and communities. Connections to audiences within those are often stronger, but I would recommend testing across many different networks, to find your niche.

“We keep testing and learning… It can be about finding new channels, or using existing channels in different ways.”

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Chapter 08: Key Findings

We asked our respondents which channels have been successful, for a whole range of purposes: brand awareness, demand generation, lead generation, C-Suite engagement, and overall creativity.

And each time, the answer was the same: online advertising was most successful, followed by TV ads. Where many tech marketers had previously been focusing on digital, this shows a significant year-on-year uplift for TV.

Outside the top two, the picture gets even more interesting. Radio performs well for brand awareness; social media for demand and lead generation. Customer and employee advocacy also drive leads, and are great for creativity. And intriguingly in this time of hybrid working, direct mail is back – both as a great route to the C-Suite and an opportunity to flex creative muscles.

Further down the list, creative uses of technology – like AR and VR, live streaming, and creative work involving AI – are beginning to make their presence felt. But one channel that’s not faring so well is the webinar; perhaps it’s the victim of pandemic fatigue.

The picture also changes a little with your location. For instance, US marketers are seeing success using community building for brand awareness. They’re also significantly more likely to use email – for demand generation, they’re twice as likely to say it worked.

26% say direct mail helped to elevate their conversation with the C-Suite.

23% use customer and employee advocacy to generate leads.

23% enjoyed brand awareness success with radio advertising.