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There’s a lot of information to digest here. But we see two big themes – and very soon, tech marketers will have a choice to make.

The Lessons

First, B2B tech marketing is increasingly coming to rely on creativity, emotion, and brand. Whether it’s driven by the pandemic, or examples from Silicon Valley, organisations are coming to understand the importance of standing out and supplementing rational arguments with a compelling human bond.

But at the same time, creative differentiation is harder to achieve. Because if all your competitors are going the same way, creative marketing becomes table stakes. Where once a little went a long way, you now need to think harder and be bolder.

So when it comes to creativity, you face a choice. Because half-measures won’t do. Achieving differentiation in this new market will take more than lip service; you can’t just follow the crowd. You need to be all in.

The takeaways

Our respondents and experts agree:

"Today's b2b tech marketing needs an emotional connection to be effective. And that takes creative thinking."

Are you ready for the challenge?

The Experts

To help guide you on the steps to unleash more creative, effective work, we enlisted some of the brightest and best marketing minds in the industry. 

Our expert contributors help tell stories of new approaches, rapid change – and how creative risk – taking can yield dramatic results.

Ashley Stepien

VP Marketing, Ramp
Ashley has built her entire career around growth-stage technology start-ups. An early start in sales propelled her interest in driving revenue and optimizing marketing to become the revenue engine. Her time at companies such as Pendo, Webflow, and now Ramp has been focused on developing innovative marketing strategies and agile marketing organizations that can scale through the hyper-growth stage of the start-up lifecycle.

Gwen Lafage

VP Brand and Content, Sinch
Gwen is a global marketing leader who has dedicated her career to building strong brands around the world. Her ten-year ad agency career took her to London, Paris, San Francisco and finally her current home city of Stockholm. During that time, she worked with some of the world’s leading brands across both B2B and B2C.

Dmitry Shamis

Global Head of Creative, HubSpot
Dad, NYC sports fan, pasta boy, and sometimes marketer, Dmitry Shamis is the Head of Global Creative at HubSpot where he focuses on all things brand and creative.

Katie Colbourne

Senior Manager, Global Demand Generation, Basware
B2B digital marketer with over 14 years marketing experience working in Enterprise B2B Technology. Currently focused on digital demand gen at SaaS P2P and AP leader Basware; taking complex business propositions and simplifying them for the digital world to drive conversion and pipeline. Expertise in omni-channel marketing and brand experience from SAP to ADP.

Judy Wilks

International ABM & Executive Content Lead, Autodesk
Judy works closely with marketing and sales teams to develop content designed to build trusted relationships with customers and engage executives. Her team was recently named Content Team of the Year at the International Content Marketing Awards. Her career includes working agency side, and 10 years in Silicon Valley working with venture-backed firms and surviving the dotcom crash.

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