Why should your brand use explainer videos?

Is your marketing feeling a little…static?

Back in 2007, alongside the launch of Celebrity Big Brother and the smoking ban coming into effect (what a year!), video company Common Craft created an instructional video explaining how to use Twitter, which was still a fairly new platform at the time. The combination of simple graphics and layman language attracted over 10 million views and helped Twitter to become the widely impactful global phenomenon that it has grown into today. Since then, businesses of all sizes have harnessed the power of explainer videos. These short videos tell your brand’s story in a memorable way. Read on to discover why explainer videos should be an essential part of your brand’s marketing arsenal.

Eyes on the prize

Your audience are bombarded by advertising every day. Research shows that the average user spends 88% more time on a website with a video. Our survey says…use video to keep your customers engaged with your content! A good explainer video should be specifically designed to capture the target audience’s attention and make the most of it in the short time you have.

This explainer video that we produced for our client Nutanix to demonstrate the partnership between Nutanix Xi Frame and Google Cloud uses animations and bright colours to keep the viewer absorbed. It is simple, short and easy to follow thereby helping to ensure the audience will stick around for the entire explanation of the product.

Easy to digest

Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. So, when you’re explaining a cutting-edge technology or software development just think of how much faster your customer will understand the concept if it’s explained via video.

This video we created for electric utilities company RWE offers a detailed description of developments at Tilbury Power Plant, aimed at educating the local residents of the financial and environmental benefits of the developed site. The use of constantly moving animation keeps the viewer engaged while working alongside the voiceover to help the audience understand.

Sharing is caring

We are living in an increasingly connected world and explainer videos are a tool that can be easily implanted to ensure your marketing materials can be shared across social media and between viewers. Video and animation are 96% more likely to get shared in comparison to static images. Smartphones are now the primary device chosen globally to watch online video, overtaking computers. This shows that customers aren’t taking the time to sit down and watch video content, they’re watching quick, bite sized chunks while on the go, your marketing needs to be able to fit into these times slots.

Take this animation we created for Conker as an example. Conker is a student lettings service ran by Unite which links up private landlords and students. The visuals are clear and simple, ensuring they can be easily viewed on any size screens (perfect for students watching it on their phones in lectures). An added advantage is the minimal use of text used in this video, which ensures it can be easily edited and used in various countries with a different voiceover.

Remember, remember…

We remember 80% of what we see, 20% of what we hear and 10% of what we read. What does that mean for your marketing efforts? That they need to be visually impactful if you want your customer to remember your brand. Explainer videos provide a vibrant and engaging way for you to communicate your message that stays in the viewer’s minds afterwards… When you take into account the statistic that 8 out of 10 people have purchased a piece of software or app after watching a brand’s video it’s clear that explainer videos have the power to stick around long after viewing.

We created this explainer animation for software company Nutanix, to illustrate the features of Nutanix XI Frame end-user computing solutions. The style of animation used highlights key elements of the software thereby making them more memorable. Consider this short animation compared to a leaflet or text heavy web page that might typically be used by a software company.

Before you bounce…

Remember when we said that the average user spends 88% more time on a website with a video? Fun fact! Explainer videos lower your website’s bounce rate as more visitors will stick around to watch it (and hopefully look round the rest of your site after). All of this in turn raises your user engagement rate which significantly contributes to your SEO ranking…helping your audience find your website much more quickly.

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