Khoros: Improving brand awareness in new sectors

Khoros is a global customer engagement software firm that needed to improve its brand awareness in new sectors.

Getting digital customer engagement right is key for successful customer engagement. From social channels to messaging; private chats to brand communities – one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many communications have added layers of complexities resulting in disconnected customer experiences.

Khoros connects the dots, unites points of communication and creates authentic human connection through technology.


  • Create more brand awareness for Khoros, a relatively new player in the CPaaS space
  • Create real-life scenarios that would make the Khoros solution relatable
  • Communicate that Khoros enables meaningful human connection
  • Create a framework for video content that is scaleable and can be rolled out across all verticals that Khoros serve

We created a series of sector specific films ranging from beauty to travel; finance to retail – to explain the core features, benefits and UX for their products and services in a human, and relatable way.


For the first film, which focused on the beauty sector, we created Elume – a fictitious beauty brand that we had fun naming and branding. This pilot video was the springboard for the rest of the series.


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