Nutanix: An interactive report for the C-suite

A whitepaper, but not as we know it.

As part of the award-winning CXO Focus initiative, our client Nutanix sponsored a ground-breaking report on smart cities, in collaboration with The Economist. Aimed at the C-Suite, the report needed gravitas – the traditional, static PDF wouldn’t cut it. So we brought the report to life, with stunning creative, interactive elements, bespoke illustrations, and animations. Welcome to Nutanix Smart Cities.


  • Engage the C-suite with thought leadership content that stands out from the usual crowd
  • Bring in-depth information to life with stunning creative, interactive elements, bespoke illustrations, and animations
  • Create an instantly recognisable piece of content that can evolve as more cities are added to the research and it continues to grow

Presenting real-time smart city data…beautifully

When a report’s good enough to shout about, you don’t leave it to gather dust in an email folder. As Nutanix is a business at the forefront of digital transformation, we developed a suite of interactive content to bring its findings to life and highlight Nutanix’s involvement in the report.

We created a website, a short mood film, a series of animated gifs and an interactive map. The map enables viewers to easily manoeuvre around the world and access statistics for their chosen cities by selecting 3D renders of iconic landmarks.

The Smart Cities project allowed us to survey citizens, business executives, and key organizations around the world to get a full picture of where cities were headed and what people care about in their specific region. Thanks to Shaped By, we were able to create a cutting-edge immersive digital experience where execs could come and read the information in an easily digestible format and focus on the cities that meant the most to them.

Allison Ortiz, Senior Marketing Manager, CXO Programs, Nutanix

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