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Nutanix: Masterclass

Masterclass from Nutanix, the global cloud software company, is a series of exclusive, advanced, invite-only classes on thought leadership topics. From digital disruption to cybersecurity to authentic leadership, each Masterclass is specially aimed at C-suite senior level executives.

In light of the global pandemic, with travel and group gatherings restricted, we needed to expand and evolve the virtual Masterclass offering – without losing its potency, value and exclusivity.


  • Position Nutanix as a thought leader and Masterclass as an unmissable, must-attend series of virtual events.
  • Demonstrate the added value that Nutanix offers its clients.
  • Deepen the relationships and trust clients have in Nutanix.
  • Evolve, broaden and modernise the Masterclass offering in light of the global pandemic and travel restrictions.
  • Position Masterclass as a gateway to further Nutanix CXO content and, in turn, grow pipeline and new business.

Know-how, showed-how 

We’re showing that Nutanix understands their audience’s needs and pressure points – and that the Masterclasses add real value and enable them to help navigate these challenging times. Because each Masteclass is focused on sharing knowledge that enables our C-suite audience to drive transformation within their respective organisations and develop their own careers.

Clarity was vital. The design is clean. The UX smooth and intuitive. And from a simple sign-up to Zoom backgrounds to digital certificates, we developed a brand new look and feel, and a seamless, consistently-branded end-to-end experience for our time-poor, knowledge-hungry audience.

Masterclass has helped Nutanix develop and deepen relationships with C-level executives in enterprise companies across the world, and has driven significant pipeline and business for Nutanix.

EJ Bodnar, Global CXO Marketing Leader, Nutanix

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