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Omni RMS: Promoting a different key service


  • Promote the MSP (Managed Service Provider) arm of Omni RMS, a leading independent provider of resourcing transformation and outsourced recruitment services
  • Create a hook and a new visual identity for the campaign and MSP in general
  • Develop a landing page with social media assets
  • Educate the audience about MSP and give them a reason to explore and engage

A hook that works on different levels

We positioned the campaign around the hook of ‘Resource in motion’ to give a sense of motion, fluidity and agility. When landing messages, we think simplicity is best. And this does it efficiently, effectively and in an engaging way.

A new visual identity that links to the brand

The campaign identity connects to their brand by balancing their primary colours and using more of the secondary palette. We wanted to bring in more playful elements to give it distinction while still being familiar. So, we flexed their brand using their typeface in a new way through composition and motion.

A holistic, distinct feel for the campaign

From a design perspective, this hook gave us loads of scope visually to create a holistic campaign.

We created a graphic toolkit that supported the message; referencing shapes seen in the user interface (UI) on the landing page like toggles, buttons, search bars and arrows to communicate technology, systems and momentum.

To drive people to the landing page, we created a beautiful blend of static and animated social assets. Their job is to stop the scroll, land the campaign message, and entice that click through to the website.

The campaign landing page is a site to behold. Totally consistent with every touch point, and full of impactful messaging, refreshed content, video and case studies to knock their socks off.


The campaign launched in spring 2023, so we’re unable to share tangible results at this stage. We’ll update the page when they come in.

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