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Rubrik: Raising brand awareness in the cybersecurity market

Rubrik has a track record for pushing boundaries, and we love working with them for that reason. They are a pioneer in Zero Trust Data Security that delivers data security and operational resilience for enterprises which is no mean feat. But even for Rubrik, cutting through the noise in the cybersecurity space isn’t easy. It’s a crowded market which has risen by over $10bn alone since 2020. CISOs, CIOs and IT executives have an overwhelming choice of vendors. So Rubrik needed a way to differentiate – and here’s how we helped.

A thought leadership platform for cybersecurity buyers

Introducing Rubrik Zero Labs – a hub for cybersecurity research and insights that will be the go-to watering hole for IT and Security leaders to navigate their challenges.

This moves them from being seen as a vendor into the sweet spot of being a fountain of knowledge for all cybersecurity concerns.


  • Position themselves as a thought leader in the cybersecurity arena
  • To be the go-to resource for cybersecurity intel
  • Effectively engage with their core audience of CISOs, CIOs and IT and Security leaders
  • Create a community of IT and Security executives by helping them identify pertinent issues/challenges, share advice and network
  • Establish a clear point of difference between Rubrik and their competitors
  • Above all, this is a brand building exercise

Creating a cutting-edge platform

The signature content to launch the platform and brand is their inaugural ‘The State of Data Security’ survey report.

The executives that Rubrik are looking to connect with don’t have bags of time and Rubrik Zero Labs needs to be a place that keeps them coming back. We designed the microsite creating a user experience that helped the story unfold, keeping people engaged wanting to uncover more.

To make the content digestible, we avoided the more traditional long-copy format. We made elements bitesize and used generous spacing to allow people to easily absorb the information before moving onto the next insight.

Visualising data in a way that grabs people and lands is so important. So, we used motion graphics to simplify the way the data was shown, bringing it to life, and also adding a punch to key points.

A distinct visual language

Rubrik Zero Labs sits in the Rubrik brand family, but the ‘The State of Data Security’ survey report needed its own look and feel. Through use of colours, typefaces, collage illustrations, line illustrations and data visualisations we created a bespoke visual language for the report that did just that and uniquely packaged up fresh new insight into the world of cybersecurity.

We’ve enjoyed all aspects of this project. From working with quality independent research and perspectives, to having the creative freedom to tell the story in an engaging, impactful way and above all, the collaboration and camaraderie with various Rubrik teams that spanned the globe. We met what seemed like an impossible deadline and are absolutely delighted with what we’ve created together.

Tom Ovens, Creative Director, Shaped By

So so so cool - love it! It is so incredible seeing this all live by itself, especially considering the highly aggressive timeframe - thank you everyone for working this so hard.

Steve Stone, Head of Rubrik Zero Labs

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