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We think our creative spark and enterprise cybersecurity experience can make us valuable partners to Zscaler – and help you smash the $5bn ARR target set by Jay Chaudhry in your last earnings call.

“Ok,” I hear you say, “but we’re a global business with many challenges. What can these guys help us with?”

Well, we’ve taken a dive into two key areas recently highlighted by Jay and your CMO Chris Kozup, and explored how we could tackle them with you…


Keeping the
C-Suite sweet


On an earnings conference call with investors in December, your CEO Jay Chaudhry told participants how “Zscaler and its partners have excelled at forming strong C-level bonds and positioning the platform as part of the CIO’s budget rather than part of the security budget”. A key challenge now will be building on that success to deepen those C-level relationships, and continually form new ones within your $72bn TAM.


Content programs and initiatives that drive pipeline and revenue by galvanizing C-level executives around the solutions to their most business-critical issues.


Zero Trust,
maximum creativity


A couple of weeks ago, your CMO Chris Kozup shared your latest The State of Zero Trust Transformation report on LinkedIn. The insights and conclusions do a perfect job of positioning Zscaler as a true innovator when it comes to genuine Zero Trust. But could these reports be even more impactful if the experience of engaging with them was equally innovative?


Interactive storytelling experiences that entice users in with animated data visualisation and clever dynamic scrolling, compelling them to engage with your brand and dig into the story behind the data.

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