Workbrands is now Shaped By
Supercharged creativity for changemaker brands.

We’ve changed

15 years ago, we set up a creative agency. It was called Workbrands from day one. And from day one, we’ve been learning, growing and developing into the agency we are today.

Like most businesses, we continually evolve to improve. Early last year, before lockdown and facemasks became the norm, we had an internal presentation that started with ‘We want to make this the best creative agency it can possibly be’. A little over a year on and we’re sharing the fruits of our labour.

Workbrands is now Shaped By – supercharged creativity for changemaker brands.

Everything we do is shaped by our belief that there’s an undeniable, unbreakable connection between the degree of creativity applied to a business challenge and the quality of its outcome. Actually, it’s more than a belief. It’s a fact: creativity delivers results.

Creativity – generating ideas with value – is what we do. And our creativity is influenced by everything around us. Culture, environment, people. Our experiences and our ambitions. Shaped by the brands we work with and the audience we’re talking to.

This is creativity shaped by – and for – real people.

That’s why we’re Shaped By.

We work with the innovators and enablers of technology. Organisations with potential to make changes to how we live and how we work. We help them communicate effectively – making their audiences understand who they are, what they do and why they need them in their lives.

Our brand

Our visual identity builds on the brand concept and name in creating something that’s very fluid and can evolve. We’ve created a brand that’s influenced and ‘shaped by’ its surroundings; it can be dismantled or re-purposed to help reflect the context and narrative.

The visual identity is represented by the interplay between two distinct elements – the brand mark and the word mark.

The word mark is intentionally minimal and pared back – hero-ing the beauty of the type design, making it unique through the combination of the spacing, the words and a neutral approach.

Our brand mark, on the other hand, is more playful and expressive. A simple, bold and abstract form, it can be deconstructed into simple geometric shapes, use of line or abstracted further to be ‘shaped by’ its environment.

Simplicity is at the heart of what we’re trying to do. Our clients often have to market complex products and services. Where we add value is in identifying and simplifying the core of what needs to be conveyed. Nine times out of 10, design will be more effective, more beautiful, more functional and more relevant to the end audience if it’s simple.

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