Khoros: Improving product awareness in new sectors

Khoros’ customer engagement technology allows companies to communicate with their customers across multiple channels.

As part of their industry marketing strategy, they needed to find a creative and scalable way of showcasing their platform in action within different verticals.


  • Increase awareness of the Khoros platform within the beauty, travel, and financial sectors
  • Create real-life scenarios that would make the Khoros solution relatable
  • Communicate that Khoros enables meaningful human connection
  • Create a framework for video content that is scaleable and can be rolled out across all verticals that Khoros serve

The power of the Khoros platform lies in its ability to connect with customers in a seamless and personalised way.

To showcase this, we created three films in which fictional beauty, travel and banking firms engaged with a customer to solve their issues, with happy endings all around.

Each film demonstrated the core features and UX of the platform, giving viewers a powerful and easy-to-grasp overview of exactly how it works.

And crucially, each one also told the story through the lens of a satisfied customer, fulfilling that vital objective of giving the content a human and relatable angle.


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