Because relying on product alone won’t cut it

By the end of 2021, the number of cybersecurity companies on the market had increased 3x from that of 2018. No wonder 68%* of IT and security leaders feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of vendors out there.

They need your products. But a great product alone isn’t enough to cut through all that noise. So how else can you get the attention of busy CISOs, when everyone else is jostling for it too?

Find out our view below and from experts across the world of cybersecurity marketing…

*Source: YouGov/HCL Cyber 2021 survey report

Find out how we are helping Rubrik to increase brand awareness by positioning them as a data security thought leader.

Cybersecurity PR and comms expert Donna Estrin discusses how to build trust with CISOs and analysts.

Pearls of wisdom from tech marketing expert Mike O'Malley, CMO of Noname Security.

Shaped By’s Nick Farrar on three ways that cyber firms can instantly differentiate themselves from competitors.

Opportunities for cybersecurity firms to succeed in 2023

Q&A with Matt Davies, CMO, SEON on where cybersecurity’s growth opportunities are in 2023.

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