The B2B technology sector is a fiercely competitive space, but one in which we’re seeing some inspirational creativity. The lazy stereotype is to think of it as being full of technical jargon, no emotion and uninspiring marketing.

However, on the whole we find this not to be true. We recently held the first in our series of Changemaker roundtable events to find out whether B2B tech’s marketing leaders feel we’re in a new era of creative bravery.

Led by co-founder and director of Shaped By, Nick Farrar, the conversation sprang from our findings from Perspective 2021, our survey of over 200 senior marketers in SME and enterprise tech fuelled companies. The findings of the survey revealed that tech marketing is not only brave, it’s getting braver.

We wanted insight from the front line and experiences of expert marketers to delve into this conversation further. We were joined by a fantastic panel of senior tech marketers for their views:. 

  • Gleb Brichko, VP Growth and Global Demand Generation, Rubrik
  • Rebecca Clayman, Head of Brand, Cloudflare
  • Robin Daniels, CMO, Matterport
  • Shikha Saxena, Head of UK Marketing, Globant
  • Jess Ellis, Senior Director of Brand Marketing, Khoros

So, what were the key takeaways?

  • Tech marketing is more creatively brave in several ways. Whether that’s new ideas, improved execution or a new spin on existing marketing.
  • Encourage bravery first and create the safe space for exploration. Sometimes being brave isn’t graceful. But you have to embrace that and be comfortable trying new things.
  • It’s all about the story. If you don’t have a compelling story, you need to go back to the drawing board and really figure out what is. Every great piece of marketing starts with two questions. Why this product and why now?
  • Companies are now leaning much more into the emotional side of things. But it can be challenging to really tease out those messages. Marketers have a huge opportunity to push the boundaries, because finally marketing has a seat at the table.
  • There’s been a forced shift in format – you don’t have a captive audience anymore. you have much less time to land your message. You need to be short, to the point, and quantifying success for whoever you are talking to. You’re only a click away from losing your audience.


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