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Volant: A new brand and name for a tech start-up

3UG is a UK-based tech start-up that creates disruptive technology for the aerospace sector. The company’s core product, a revolutionary guidance system called Autonomous Risk Intelligence (ARI), is set to power the next generation of autonomous airborne transportation.

Their founders came to us in need of a new name and brand to take their business to the next level. It was far more than just a logo exercise. We immersed ourselves into their world through brand workshops and collaboration to create a brand that’s reflective of their groundbreaking technology and ambitions.



  • Excite VCs to drive investment and funding
  • Establish a credible foothold in the aerospace industry
  • Captivate and inspire potential customers
  • Take everyone on the exciting journey that is the new frontier for the aerospace industry
  • Position 3UG as a leader in safe autonomous flight

Our first challenge was to devise a company name. We needed to uncover something unique that reflected their core purpose. After much research, brainstorming and deliberation, we landed on the lesser-known word Volant – meaning to be engaged in or having the power of flight.

Inspiration from nature

To accompany the brand mark, we looked to biomicicry in the form of murmurations.

A completely organic and natural movement that relies on intuitive navigation and communication, murmurations are the perfect representation of a business that is revolutionising air mobility by enabling intelligent, onboard decisions that autonomously and safely navigate through complex air spaces.

We worked with these organic formations but wanted to bring a sense of structure and control to these movements to show how Volant’s technology is predictable and safe – this led to the organic ‘V’ formation which is also a nod to the brand name.

For phase 1 of this branding project, we delivered a brand name, brand mark, visual language, microsite, pitch deck and explainer animation.

It was important that the new brand extols high-end technology while still coming across as accessible, humanised and above all, safe and trustworthy.

We chose Shaped By for our rebrand after talking to perhaps a dozen agencies around the UK. They stood out immediately with their enthusiasm for our product and journey. They listen well, and have helped us to tell our story which had sometimes been a challenge for us given the nature of our advanced technologies and concepts.

Anthony Lawrenson, Business Development Director, Volant

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